Why Morningstar’s Rating of Dimensional Funds Matters

Dimensional Funds (which we use at the core of client portfolios) recently received Morningstar's Top Stewardship rating of "A".   A number of factors are scored by Morningstar in assessing and rating fund families such as:

  • Does the firm exhibit a culture that is shareholder friendly?
  • Are fund manager incentives aligned with those of its investors?
  • Are fund fees below industry norms?
  • Does the firm follow a consistent and disciplined investment process?
  • What is the turnover rate of fund managers?
  • How strong is their Board of directors?
  • Does the firm have any regulatory issues or shareholder lawsuits?

Only a small handful of fund families received a similar "A" rating.  We are pleased to utilize funds from Dimensional knowing their strong focus on investor stewardship.  Dimensional Funds are offered only through select investment firms that meet their stringent criteria and Trinity is honored to meet those high standards and offer their highly respected funds to you.

Please follow this link to read Morningstar's article they released regarding DFA's disciplined approach.