At Trinity Financial Advisors, helping our clients achieve their financial goals is our highest priority. With Integrity, Discipline and Excellence at our core, we believe we offer an unmatched combination of service, planning and investment management - all under the umbrella of a fiduciary-based client focus.

Wealth management involves more than just a financial plan or an investment portfolio. It requires focused coordination of your entire financial makeup. 

Areas typically covered with our clients, but are not limited to, include:






At the heart of this process is building a trusted relationship with those we serve. Working closely and thoughtfully with our clients, we develop customized plans which are then monitored and adjusted over the years.


Disciplined Investing

Successful investing is the cornerstone of reaching your financial goals. Too many investors make short-term, impulsive investment decisions, usually leading to dismal consequences. This is where we come in:

We instill discipline and structure to our approach as we monitor and manage your investments.

At Trinity, we custom-design portfolios with the objective of helping clients preserve and grow their wealth. Tailoring our portfolios to your specific goals, risk tolerance, and time frame, we create globally diversified, low-cost, flexible portfolios.


Fee-Only / Fiduciary Standard of Care


At Trinity, we have chosen to adhere to a fiduciary standard of client care as a Fee-Only firm. Simply put, we are legally bound to act in our clients' best interests at all times. To help ensure that our advice is unbiased, we do not sell any financial products. Our sole objective is helping our clients successfully reach their goals.

More information about what it means to be a fiduciary can be found on our FAQs page.


Trinity is pleased to be a part of a select group of financial advisory firms authorized to provide Dimensional Funds and Dimensional strategies to you, our client. Based on their high regard for research, process and time-tested data – as well as a commitment to enduring relationships with advisors who share the same core beliefs about managing investments – we pay close attention to their thoughtful approach to investing.

We believe much of their thinking mirrors our investment philosophy and is worth sharing. On our Resources page, you will find a series of brief videos that will broaden your understanding of and appreciation for practical investment strategies - especially in unpredictable and constantly fluctuating markets.



*Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the request and needs of the client.  Trinity Financial Advisors, LLC does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Trinity Financial Advisors, LLC does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.